Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby Time!!!

Lots has happened since I've been on here last!! Like... a lot. But, I guess I will just start with the biggest thing! Travis and I are having a baby!! We are so incredibly excited. Sometimes it doesn't even feel real. It took us a little while to get this little babe, so we are feeling especially blessed.

Travis and I had made a few visits up to the Fertility Clinic in Calgary. Had to do a few tests (not fun) and meet with a doctor (who I wasn't too sure of at first, he wasn't overly friendly). But, they helped us get what we wanted... so I love them for that!! I found out that I was expecting at the beginning of December. I was shocked. I was so used to seeing a negative... so when that other line popped up. I was beside myself. I quickly called Travis in and he said... "That's great!" (not a stellar reaction)... but, to his defense, he wasn't too sure how reliable these tests were - - even though it says 99.8% reliable right on the box. So, to confirm, we went and bought three more tests! Even the digital ones!! Positive, positive, positive. It was a very happy time for us! It still is!!

This was our little announcement that we made on Valentines day! I was about 14 weeks on February 14th! I am proud of myself with this. I thought of it myself and I hugely lack creativity. Go me. 

My pregnancy has been great so far. I did have quite a bit of morning/all-day sickness and nausea, but that subsided quite a bit a few weeks ago. Other than that... I have felt great. I get tired every once in a while, but the first trimester was really not too bad! So, it turns out that a bunch of my close friends are either pregnant or have just had babies and my sisters have had some recent babes as well! So, it's been awesome to be, virtually, surrounded by expectant mothers!! My friend, Kylie (due a month a head of me, almost to the day) is a diligent blogger and has been documenting her pregnancy. And... I'm going to do the same thing, starting now (I'm half way done...) 

How far along?
20 weeks and a few days!! We found out that we are having a baby BOY on March 23, 2015.

Baby is big as an: 
A banana! At least that's what my app says. My ultrasound showed that he is growing a few or two ahead of schedule.. so, he's probably a bit bigger than a banana.

It is very much here.

Maternity clothes? 
You bet! They are lovely and seriously make life a lot more comfortable. Not to mention, most maternity tops are very long which is very good for me!!

I sleep very well. I just have to get up a few times to relieve my bladder that is clearly under more pressure. But... I have no complaints with sleep, yet! 

I tiny little bit! I have felt flutters and I have felt a few cute little kicks. But, I have an anterior placenta, which may mean it may take a few more weeks for me to feel some distinct kicks. He has to kick really hard for me to feel it right now.

Best moment this week?
Finding out that we are having a baby BOY!!!! I truly would have been happy with either, but I need to be honest... I was hoping to have a little boy.

I honestly feel really good right now. I have my energy back and I can eat what I want. Can't complain about that.

Food cravings?
I haven't had overwhelming cravings for any of my pregnancy, really. However, I would rather pick salty over sweet. But, I love sour soothers and coke slurpees. Who am I kidding though.. I enjoy eating overall.

Food aversions?
I am good right now! Thankfully. But... for whatever reason... the smell of my fridge makes me gag EVERY TIME! I have cleaned it. There is nothing rotting in there. I couldn't even tell you what it is about it that makes me cringe... but I can't take it. My eyes are watering right now just thinking about.

Now that we know what we are having, we have discussed a few names. Travis has a difficult time being serious and not throwing out stupid names like "Beatrice" and what now (so frustrating)... but I think we have a good group that we need to tailor a bit. We have time!

What I miss?
Not a lot right now. I'm feeling a lot like myself right now and have little to complain about... we will see what the next trimester brings.

I can't even talk about it. We need a shed or a garage in the worst way! I love my little house, but having a tenant in our basement, doesn't leave us with a lot of storage room. So, the baby's room aka. the room full of our crap is just that... full of our crap. Once the weather continues to get better, we will get (Travis wants to build a shed from scratch. . . ) a shed and move stuff in. 
This is my nursery so far! I want to pull my hair out. A bed, a desk we don't use, a christmas tree, suit cases... ahh!!! Oh.. and we sold our bedroom furniture (armoir, dresser and bed side tables) because they just weren't doing the job I needed. So, now all of our clothes are in cardboard boxes. All in good time.... right? I have until August people! 

Not yet! I haven't wanted to buy anything just because I didn't know what I was having. Now that Little Boy Seaborn is on his way.... there are a few things that I might have to snatch up. 

Grateful For?
I am grateful for a lot of things... but I am especially grateful for my hard working husband. I am incredibly proud of him and what he has accomplished lately. He is a very busy man, and has made sure to be at all of my doctor's appointments and always takes the time to make me feel special. My little boy is very lucky to have him as a dad!! 

My cute lil' diaper bag! My lovely sister, Caitlin, bought this for me. I'm excited to fill it with all the baby/mama necessities. 
My sister, Mackenzie, got me these darling little moccs! I am dang lucky to have such thoughtful people in my life. 
16 weeks!

18 weeks! 
She's still my main woman. Such a good pup and I just love her!! 

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  1. I didn't hear that you are having a boy!! SO fun and so exciting!!! Your family needs a few more, too ;) Cute diaper bag and moccasins! And you look great. And, now I am really craving sour soothers. American candy just doesn't compare.