Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby Time!!!

Lots has happened since I've been on here last!! Like... a lot. But, I guess I will just start with the biggest thing! Travis and I are having a baby!! We are so incredibly excited. Sometimes it doesn't even feel real. It took us a little while to get this little babe, so we are feeling especially blessed.

Travis and I had made a few visits up to the Fertility Clinic in Calgary. Had to do a few tests (not fun) and meet with a doctor (who I wasn't too sure of at first, he wasn't overly friendly). But, they helped us get what we wanted... so I love them for that!! I found out that I was expecting at the beginning of December. I was shocked. I was so used to seeing a negative... so when that other line popped up. I was beside myself. I quickly called Travis in and he said... "That's great!" (not a stellar reaction)... but, to his defense, he wasn't too sure how reliable these tests were - - even though it says 99.8% reliable right on the box. So, to confirm, we went and bought three more tests! Even the digital ones!! Positive, positive, positive. It was a very happy time for us! It still is!!

This was our little announcement that we made on Valentines day! I was about 14 weeks on February 14th! I am proud of myself with this. I thought of it myself and I hugely lack creativity. Go me. 

My pregnancy has been great so far. I did have quite a bit of morning/all-day sickness and nausea, but that subsided quite a bit a few weeks ago. Other than that... I have felt great. I get tired every once in a while, but the first trimester was really not too bad! So, it turns out that a bunch of my close friends are either pregnant or have just had babies and my sisters have had some recent babes as well! So, it's been awesome to be, virtually, surrounded by expectant mothers!! My friend, Kylie (due a month a head of me, almost to the day) is a diligent blogger and has been documenting her pregnancy. And... I'm going to do the same thing, starting now (I'm half way done...) 

How far along?
20 weeks and a few days!! We found out that we are having a baby BOY on March 23, 2015.

Baby is big as an: 
A banana! At least that's what my app says. My ultrasound showed that he is growing a few or two ahead of schedule.. so, he's probably a bit bigger than a banana.

It is very much here.

Maternity clothes? 
You bet! They are lovely and seriously make life a lot more comfortable. Not to mention, most maternity tops are very long which is very good for me!!

I sleep very well. I just have to get up a few times to relieve my bladder that is clearly under more pressure. But... I have no complaints with sleep, yet! 

I tiny little bit! I have felt flutters and I have felt a few cute little kicks. But, I have an anterior placenta, which may mean it may take a few more weeks for me to feel some distinct kicks. He has to kick really hard for me to feel it right now.

Best moment this week?
Finding out that we are having a baby BOY!!!! I truly would have been happy with either, but I need to be honest... I was hoping to have a little boy.

I honestly feel really good right now. I have my energy back and I can eat what I want. Can't complain about that.

Food cravings?
I haven't had overwhelming cravings for any of my pregnancy, really. However, I would rather pick salty over sweet. But, I love sour soothers and coke slurpees. Who am I kidding though.. I enjoy eating overall.

Food aversions?
I am good right now! Thankfully. But... for whatever reason... the smell of my fridge makes me gag EVERY TIME! I have cleaned it. There is nothing rotting in there. I couldn't even tell you what it is about it that makes me cringe... but I can't take it. My eyes are watering right now just thinking about.

Now that we know what we are having, we have discussed a few names. Travis has a difficult time being serious and not throwing out stupid names like "Beatrice" and what now (so frustrating)... but I think we have a good group that we need to tailor a bit. We have time!

What I miss?
Not a lot right now. I'm feeling a lot like myself right now and have little to complain about... we will see what the next trimester brings.

I can't even talk about it. We need a shed or a garage in the worst way! I love my little house, but having a tenant in our basement, doesn't leave us with a lot of storage room. So, the baby's room aka. the room full of our crap is just that... full of our crap. Once the weather continues to get better, we will get (Travis wants to build a shed from scratch. . . ) a shed and move stuff in. 
This is my nursery so far! I want to pull my hair out. A bed, a desk we don't use, a christmas tree, suit cases... ahh!!! Oh.. and we sold our bedroom furniture (armoir, dresser and bed side tables) because they just weren't doing the job I needed. So, now all of our clothes are in cardboard boxes. All in good time.... right? I have until August people! 

Not yet! I haven't wanted to buy anything just because I didn't know what I was having. Now that Little Boy Seaborn is on his way.... there are a few things that I might have to snatch up. 

Grateful For?
I am grateful for a lot of things... but I am especially grateful for my hard working husband. I am incredibly proud of him and what he has accomplished lately. He is a very busy man, and has made sure to be at all of my doctor's appointments and always takes the time to make me feel special. My little boy is very lucky to have him as a dad!! 

My cute lil' diaper bag! My lovely sister, Caitlin, bought this for me. I'm excited to fill it with all the baby/mama necessities. 
My sister, Mackenzie, got me these darling little moccs! I am dang lucky to have such thoughtful people in my life. 
16 weeks!

18 weeks! 
She's still my main woman. Such a good pup and I just love her!! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Have you ever sat back and really thought about how different we all really are? Sure. We might share common interests with others. We may share same opinions and values, but no one is the same person. Close to 7 billion people on the Earth and not one soul is replicated. 

In my new job, I have been challenged. I've been challenged to learn a lot of new things in regard to the processes of the law. In that challenge, it is almost as though it has caused me to think deeper in many aspects of life. I have always been observant of others. However, lately I have been ever intrigued on the 'mind set' of other people. 

Type 'A', passive-aggressive, willing, pompous, naive, insecure, realistic, hypochondriac, self-centered, self-deprecating, aware, logical ... the list is literally endless. 

By watching how others operate and trying to consider their thought processes on things. Lately, I have  posed the question to myself of... what is the correct way to think? what is the right way to be? 

I admire those that are sure in their thinking; no matter what, they stick to what their opinion is and what they know to be true. I find it to display strength and security. Yet, I also find those who are willing to set aside their opinions to listen to others so endearing. People who live life in the moment and that are easy going, sooth me. Long story short, almost every different personality trait that I've come in contact with in my short life-time, I have learned to admire at least one thing. More times than none, I have thought how I would like to incorporate those attributes into my being. On the other hand, I have also learned many things that I don't respect and desire to eliminate from my life. 

Which is best? Is there one way to be? 

My answer is pretty simple. The way to be, is to be you. We have all been sent here for a purpose and I bear testimony that we have all had experiences in the pre-existence where we gained many of our innate characteristics. 

As for myself, I am obviously still learning a lot about who I am as an individual. But, I do know that I am generally quite permissive. However,  I am also a very competitive person in appropriate settings. I am aware of others and how they feel and really struggle with the idea of disappointing someone or letting others down. Laughing is one of my favorite things to do; I have always enjoyed good humor (but who doesn't). I am confident in myself, I truly believe that I can do most things that are set out in front of me. I am not an academic. But, I have learned to become more of an analytic thinker. I am not overly emotional. I would like to think that I am an optimistic person- at least I try to be. 

So far, that is what I know about myself. Is that the best way to be? I know that it is a good thing to be myself and to be the person that I am. However, I know that it is best to always strive to be better in every trait that we possess. We are not to always be dissatisfied with our selves and constantly feel that we are inadequate. And we are not to be content with no progression. That is not our divine purpose and that is not why we were given the opportunity to come to Earth. We are here to grow. 

I've been incredibly blessed in my life to be constantly surrounded by many wonderful examples to follow. I have always had people in my life, in every stage of my life thus far, that have inspired me to be better. I am lucky to have parents who consistently taught me in ways of righteousness. I was always around friends that rarely tried to sway me from my beliefs. Now, I am sealed to my love who always encourages me to be better in every way possible. I am so far from perfect and far from reaching my full potential. But, I have a desire to know who I am and what my purpose is. I love who I am, but even more, I love the person who I am capable of being. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

My new big-girl job and Mexico!

So, I have finally landed myself a half-decent job! Started cleaning houses to Old Navy to.... being a LEGAL ASSISTANT!! 

Finding a good job was not any easy task for me. When I got home and was finished school, I figured that it would be easy to find something that paid fairly well, considering that I had a university degree. However, the fact that I had zero work experience really worked against me. It almost seemed that someone who had worked at McDonald's had a better chance at getting a job than I did (no offense to McD's), just because it is actual work experience. People would see my resume and see that I didn't have any experience and would just kind of put my name on the back burner. I am confident enough in myself to know that if I could land at least an interview that I could change people's minds on the fact that because I have no experience, I'm no good. In my opinion, I have a lot more 'life experience' than a lot of people. Because of the opportunities I have had with basketball I've learned so much. Not to mention playing basketball while going to school, full time, I know how to manage my stress and how to prioritize my time. I knew all of those things! I was just waiting for someone or some place to give me a chance. So, in the mean time I worked for "Coulee Cleaners" (aka... a frickin' nightmare) and "Old Navy" (loved the discount at Old Navy, GAP and BR, so great). After working so hard and feeling like those were the only jobs I could land... it was kind of discouraging.

One day, Travis texted me and said that his business partner's brother was looking to hire a new assistant. Not really knowing what his brother did... I was pretty excited to apply. Anything would be better than cleaning and retail. Turned out that this guy was a lawyer at a firm here in Lethbridge. Lately, Travis and I have been really into a show called SUITS! Which is about these big-wig lawyers in New York city. So, having been intrigued by law and justice, I was excited at the thought of being a legal assistant. I had my doubts, thinking that it would be the same story... "no experience." But, to my surprise... I got the job! I was quite intimidated. I really had no idea what to expect, but I was ready for a bit of a challenge.

This is Donna Paulsen from Suits and she is a legal assistant and just THE best! I'd like to think that I'm her working at this multi, multi- million dollar firm in New York! Wearing nothing but pencil skirt's and prada pumps. However, the firm here in Lethbridge is a little more low key. Which in more ways than none... I am very grateful for. So far, I really enjoy my work! It is so interesting and really fulfilling! 

We went to Mazatlan, Mexico a few weeks ago. We went with 2 other couples and it was SO fun! I had never been to Mexico before and it was just a really good time. Our resort was beautiful! It was a little busy for my liking, but it was great. Mexico is definitely a party-paradise... SO much alcohol. People would drink so much... it was concerning. I have been spoiled in my life and I definitely like the feel of Hawaii better, but Mexico was so much and the weather was absolutely perfect everyday! 

I love this boy! We had so much fun together. I think he loved having other guys to go play with! I like to play, but I also love to just lay out and relax.

Morgan and Nikki Duce

Amy and Dallon Martin 

Our view! We loved our room. One night, we moved our mattress onto the balcony and slept outside. I loved it and thought it was so soothing... Travis, on the other hand, said that "the waves just sound like wind! worst sleep ever." So dramatic :) 

The taxi's were so fun! You just sit in the back of a truck on some benches! It was a party

Church was interesting! Couldn't understand a thing. I think that there were about 12 people in the ward! The members are so strong. They didn't have any one to play the piano, so I thought I would volunteer myself. The song that they chose to sing was kind of tough and I kept messing up and every time I would mess up, I would try to figure out where they were in the song... but because they were singing in spanish, I had not a clue. Needless to say, I made a fool of myself and I'm positive that every person in the ward was thinking... this white girl doesn't know how to play. Whatever though! I tried to contribute somehow haha. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

C'est la vie

Life has been busy, busy as of late. Between coaching and my stupid job, I feel like I've been on the go non-stop... which isn't entirely a bad thing. I will say that it is nice to have a schedule and some structure... feels good to be productive. Trav and his company have been so busy, which is excellent! However, I always thought that winter was supposed to slow down and that I would see him more often, but nope! Oh well, these are the years that we are supposed to work our butts off, right?
This is my cute little team!! They are all in grade 9 and they are just dolls. I have so much fun goofing around with them and sharing with them the things I have learned through out my career. I have really enjoyed it because I have been able to really relate to them being a player myself. So far, I've had such an awesome experience! Not to mention, they are dang good!! Just a bunch of champs. 
This is Lars. I met him a few weeks back and I haven't stopped thinking about him.
Does he or does he not look like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch? I LOVE him. 
I love her more though. She's my fancy girl!
I HAD to throw this in there. This is so sad and so bizarre, but so hilarious. So, my brother-in-law, Tyler, got this little thing called BELL'S PALSY. It's basically just a facial paralysis which is a result of a dysfunctional cranial nerve. There really isn't any real explanation for it... and it's rare for someone of his age to have it as well. It is just crazy because half of his face is completely paralyzed. I have seen people with their mouth's frozen from the dentist, but this is his whole face... his eye brow, his mouth, his eye lid!! It's crazy. It could last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months!!! Poor guy. Hopefully it goes away soon. Am I a bad person for laughing every time he talks? I can't help it. 

MY NEW FAV!!!! Okay, this stuff is ridiculously expensive... but it has been my saving grace. Back in April, I got my hair done and I wanted to go quite blonde. However, I have really fine and fragile hair and the lady over processed it in the worst way. My hair would literally just break off because it was so dry and damaged. My aunt introduced me to this stuff and it has worked SO well... my hair is starting to feel like hair again and not like a fake wig you buy at halloween. All of B&B products are amazing... expensive... but a little goes a looong way. I use the mending line... but they have so many more. For the last while I have been using aveda products and have learned even though they say that all of their stuff is super natural and whatever, it's really not. It was drying out my hair even more which is a crying shame. Everyone is different and is able to use whatever. In my perfect world, I would buy the cheapest stuff, walk out of the shower, run a brush through it and call it good. But... nooope. I would look like Joe Dirt. NO. word. of. a. lie. 

Because of my last experience... I have avoided getting my hair done. I've been trying to maintain SOME lasting health.. but in doing so, it just looked bad. Or as my mother said... "it made me look dowdy". I was able to get in to see an awesome stylist that specializes in blondes and not only did she give me a great color... she made sure to put the health of my hair first. I was SO happy... I could have the color I wanted without having to worry about my hair falling out of my head. In the end... it's just hair, but the sayin is true.... when you look good, you feel good. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013


  It seems like it's been forever since I have last blogged! My mom has requested an update, several times, over the past few months and I have neglected to do so... So, here we go!
   Today was American Thanksgiving and... for the past 4 years I have spent it in Utah getting carried away with my life there and not really taking a moment to reflect upon the things that I am most grateful for. This seems a little cliche and overdone by just about everyone this time of year... but expressing gratitude for the things you are grateful for should never get old.

I mention this guy a lot in many of my posts for good reason. Travis has the kindest heart. He is patient beyond measure and always puts me first. He sets such a great example for me to follow everyday and truly inspires me to be a better person. He is so supportive and always the best person to talk to, about anything! I love him and am so thankful that I can call him mine. 

I'm so grateful for my family! On both sides. I've been extremely blessed to live and grow up with some pretty incredible people. I know that we are placed in certain families for certain reasons and I am so lucky to have been put in mine. I graduated from BYU with Family Studies. Is that a great accomplishment? Yes.  Have I been able to find a job within that field? No. Trust me... I hear it all the time! "What are you going to do with that degree?".. so on and so forth.. and you know what? You know what I value the most from my degree? Is the understand of how important family is. The family is essential to anyone's and everyone's development. It is the key and most basic form of society that cannot be replaced. In learning that, it has only strengthened my testimony even more that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE. Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing when he created this earth and I am so grateful for how perfect His thinking was. 

I am grateful for the temple. I absolutely love the peace and blessings that are there. I love the learning that takes place within and for the comfort I can take home with me. I was able to be there when my youngest sister took out her endowments. I was extremely lucky to be there with most of my family and while I was there it was hard to think of many other things that helped me feel closer to heaven. 

I know that this one might come as a bit of a surprise but... I love my dog. Yeah.. laugh all you want, but she has brought a lot of joy and happiness into my life. I love all animals and it even says in the scriptures that we are to treat all animals with kindness. Most dogs have better hearts than most people and I see that in this little girl everyday. They see us as though we do nothing wrong. They are so forgiving and really, to them, we are their whole world. Until you have had a dog and bonded with him or her, you won't understand what I'm talking about. Scout is getting so big and getting so smart. She is obsessed with her ball and if you throw it once, expect to throw it twice... three times.... probably the rest of the day. She loves everyone! Every morning after she has happily greeted me, she always jumps on the bed and gives Trav about 100 wet dog kisses and nibbles on his ear. Travis would never admit it... but he loves it. She's our girl and we love her to death! 

I have so, so SO many things to be grateful for, that I couldn't begin to list them. I am one very blessed individual. I love being able to sit and reflect on things. I don't even care if no one ever reads my blog... it juts feels nice to sit and document my feelings. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


My wish was finally granted! If anyone knows me well, they would know that I love dogs. I love animals! It's been an ongoing battle between Travis and I and we finally came to an agreement and didn't waste any time getting a puppy- - well, I didn't waste any time. We both agreed on a chocolate lab, and I started looking the minute my sweet husband said, "okay!" My aunt had bought two labs from this breeder in Saskatchewan. So, I thought I would contact the lady and ask her if she had any chocolate lab puppies left. She called me back within minutes saying that she had ONE puppy left. I called Travis and he said... "just get it." It was SO surreal... but I was just happy as a clam.
This is when I first picked her up! I had to drive up to Calgary to pick her up from the airport, so I stopped by my parents house to show her off. She was so mellow the whole time! I was in love. 
Can't get over her hefty little paws! She's going to be big one day!
She sleeps all the time, honestly. It's like she is a new born babe! I guess she is. We will play for about 10 minutes and she is just worn right out. I kind of love it. I know she won't be like this for long. 
Everyone I talk to says, "Scout is a boy's name!" Well... I love it and it kind of suits her! 
My little niece was laying on the floor and Scout went and cuddled right next to her. She is super cuddly and I love it!! She likes to be as close to you as she can and it's so cute. 
Pretty little pup. I am obsessed with her eyes! 
I have to give a quick shout out to my rockin' husband. One of the main reasons I married him was for his big and kind heart. He has gone to great lengths and sacrificed more than I think he realizes to bring happiness into my life. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a man like him put up with me! He loves Scout and Scout loves him! Watching him with her has shown me even more how patient and how gentle he is. I love you, Travis!! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We did it!

Was this really a year ago? It honestly feels like yesterday. I wish I could relive that day over and over again. It was so perfect! I'm so blessed that the year that followed this day has been just as sweet as that day. 

I love him!!! He really is my best friend and I really don't know where I would be in life without him. 

For our anniversary, we went to Fairmont for a few days! The drive there was absolutely stunning. We had fun listening to fun music and eating the always-delicious Tim Hortons!

So stunning

So lucky to have this place basically in my own backyard! 

These flowers were in the chapel in Fairmont! The most perfect peonies!! I want to steal them 

The Seaborn Special! Travis has me HOOKED and it isn't a good thing. I used to think that it was the most disgusting drink, but I'm addicted now. Coke with grenadine. So delish

Mountain man. 

The hot springs. It was almost too hot to go in them during the day.. but at night it was glorious! 

The corny Sparkwood pics. 
We went to this hilarious restaurant in Invermere. I honestly laughed throughout the entire meal. The food was awesome! But, I literally felt like I was in Holland. Too good 

The smallest little branch in such a cute chapel! I loved it. 
After Fairmont we headed to Calgary for Canada Day! We went to a fun parade and ate some delicious food. I LOVE CANADA